Driveway Repair Woodstock Ga

Woodstock Driveway Repair… Resurface, Replace Or Just Patch?

drivewaay repair in woodstock georgiaAre you looking for a concrete driveway repair in Woodstock Ga? Do you have a crumbling concrete driveway?

In this article we will help you decide if you should repair it, patch it, refinish it or replace  your driveway!

Yes it can be expensive to replace your driveway. That is why many people look to repair it instead. They would rather patch up the cracks and holes. Unfortunately, this could lead to problems later on.

So before you make this choice… There are a few things you need to know before repairing the driveway.

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Why do homeowners need to make driveway repairs in Woodstock?

We live in the south. The Georgia winters are very mild compared to the harsh winters up north. So why do driveways crack, crumble and form holes?

Despite our warm weather here in Cobb county it does get cold here in Woodstock. In fact, there are several weeks of cold weather where the temps drop below the freezing level.

Question:  How does freezing temperatures impact concrete drives?

Think about the last time we either had snow, freezing rain, or sleet?

First, moisture, rain and melted sow will find every nook or cranny in your woodstock driveway.

Now here is the thing…

It doesn’t take much rain or moisture for cracks to form.

Freeze. Thaw. Freeze Thaw. Repeat.

Quick science lesson on concrete and freezing moisture.

Remember in school learning how water expands when it freezes?

So what happens to the moisture inside of those hairline cracks?

Exactly! They expand and contract.

Now combine this with a 5000 lb SUV driving over your driveway day in and day out.

As you can imagine, this cycle is murder on a concrete drive like yours.

Before you know it there will be cracks and crumbling concrete.

Should you repair driveway cracks in Woodstock?

The answer is it depends.

Often a small hairline crack can be repaired by caulking with a liquid crack filler. In fact, you can usually do this if the cracks are LESS than 1/4″ wide.

This is good news for you because you are going to save a lot of money this way.

What happens if the driveway cracks are wider than a 1/4″?

If your cracks are WIDER than a 1/4″ and go several inches deep this is a symptom of a major problem.

Can you simply fill the cracks?
I guess you can.
However, its like putting a band aid on a broken leg.
The cracks will reappear because of the underlying concrete problem.

What about tamping and patching driveways in Woodstock Ga?

Again it depends.
Perhaps you have thought about patching your driveway to fix these problems. Yes it is cheaper than replacing your driveway.
However, ultimately at best it is only a temporary solution.
Why do we say that?
It is because the foundation under the driveway has settled or been compromised.
The lesson? Yes you can save a few bucks and put off replacing your driveway. However, you still eventually will have to install a new driveway anyway.

How old is your driveway in Woodstock?

The final thing to address is the age of your driveway matters. Once your concrete driveway hits 25 years old its time to replace it.  The cost of repairs and maintenance will out weigh the costs of replacing the driveway when prorated over the next 20 years.

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